What is a Huni-Rex?

This is a quite unique unicycle designed by Mr. Hriszto Dacsev, Hungarian mechanical engineer. What brings unicit to this unicycle is the 1:1,5 gear ratio between the cranks and the wheel. It means that by one full tur of the pedals the wheel turns 1,5 times. Considering that the wheel is 26″ in diameter, it means a virtual 39″ wheel diameter unicycle…
The other very special attributes of Hunirex are its size and geometry.
– The axles of the cranks are 5 inch below the wheel axle.
– Te wheel itself is 26″ in diameter, so the place for the saddle starts much lower than of a 36er.
These two attributes results that the centre of gravity of the rider is lower by 10-12″ compared to a 36er unicycle.
And these differences lead to four very important advantages:

  • Low center of gravity: Stability
  • Smaller wheel: Compactness
  • Low pedal and saddle height: Easy start
  • 1:1,5 gear ratio: SPEEEEED

To whom is Huni-Rex recommended?
Simple answer: to anyone who likes the challenges, is not afraid of unicycling.
A bit more sophisticated answer:
Hunirex was developed for using it on flat surface. Roads, pavements etc. For touring countryside or for commuting in cities. To mix unicycling and public transportation. To easily bring it with you on trains, buses or in your car.
So, if you’re seeking for a downhill unicycle e.g., then for sure it’s not the best choice for you.